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What is Powercubby?

Powercubby is portable, modular, scalable and swappable energy storage device, capable of storing enormous amount of energy in small package. It’s light weight revolutionary patent pending thermal management technology allows it to be so efficient . On board light weight thermal management technology with top of the line system engineering design allows Powercubby to be used in applications from home storage to electrical vehicles. Considering Powercubby’s wide range of applications, it’s dimensions were determined specifically. Powercubby’s smart phone application allows you to take control of it at your fingertips. GPS based location detection, cloud based smart application configuration, inbuilt artificial intelligence for smart decisions, Bluetooth based control are some of Powercubby’s salient features. SO CARRY YOUR POWERCUBBY WHEREVER YOU LIKE OR JUST LEAVE IT AT HOME TO PAY FOR ITSELF.



Powercubby is one of the most revolutionary products of the current time. It is a battery which has a lot to offer. Its one of the most portable batteries, which is extremely convenient for the users. Powercubby can supply energy to almost anything that is around and that needs electricity to function. Whether it is any house hold products or any other gadget or equipment. Powercubby can provide power to each of these and enable the smooth functioning of the same.
Electrical Vehicle

Powercubbys are used to power electric bikes, electric cars, or even hybrid cars to increase its range. It's swapping capability, quick charging, remote monitoring, on board GPS makes the best candidate to be used in electric vehicles and not to forget its lightweight makes it so easy.

Home Energy Storage

Connect Powercubby to your home entertainment center, to kitchen appliances, to your personal heating and cooling unit etc, control Powercubby from anywhere, monitor live status and check your savings daily.

E Rickshaw

Power your e rickshaw at your home or outside of any cafe, restaurant or e rikshaw stand while you are grabbing your snack or a drink. Its that easy. And since Powercubby is lightweight and portable, it's applications are endless.

Golf Cart

Use Powercubbys in golf carts/NEV to travel longer distance and reduce charging time. Swap them if you dont have time to charge them on the vehicle. Charge them using solar panels or just use the charger. Locate them using on board GPS unit.

Commercial Storage

Thinking about high energy storage and reliable power supply? think Powercubby. Powercubby is scalable upto 1000KWhr. 10 racks, each rack 100KWhr, can be connected together to main unit, in a way that was never possible before in commercial storage.


While camping Just carry Powercubby to plug in all your electric devices including phone charger. For multiple camping nights carry your Powercubby solar charging and car charging kit, or simply swap Powercubbys as needed.

Doomsday Saver

All you need is a Powercubby in your all blackouts. Powercubby can be a life saver in emergency evacuations. Most of the gas stations are inoperable when electricity lines are out during emergencies. Powercubby with its Solar charging kit can save you from such situations.

Medical Equipment

Power medical equipment with Powercubby for reliable power source. Powercubby helps technicians, nurses and hospitals remotely monitor power status and assures that power will never be out for those critical life saving medical devices.

Electrical Cycle

Powercubbys are used to power electric bicycles to increase its range. It's swapping capability, quick charging, remote monitoring, on board GPS makes the best candidate to be used in electric vehicles and not to forget its lightweight makes it so easy.

Solar Energy Storage

Store your solar energy in Powercubby. Use it for numerous applications when and as you need. Powercubby is scalable that way upto 1000KWhr and Powercubby's portability comes really handy.

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DC and Inverter Systems

For your DC and inverter systems use powercubby to store and use the electricity as and when you need it. Store it when the power rate is low and use it when the power rates are high and then passit to say your inverter for various further use.

UPS System

An uninterruptible power supply, also uninterruptible power source, UPS or battery/flywheel backup, is an electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source, typically the utility mains, fails. Use Powercubby for your UPS system.


Power at Your Fingertips




Why Select Powercubby?

We understand your energy requirement and provide safe and portable energy supply that will create wonders for you.
ARAI Certified​,
Made In India

Powercubby is certified by Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), co-operative industrial research association by the automotive industry with the Ministry of Industries, Government Of India and it is made in India.

Energy Solution

The Powercubby technology allows you to apply the same Powercubby to various applications very easily, the solution you are looking for is just a plug away.


Battery swapping is revolutionary, just replace the battery with no charge with a charged one and you are good to go.


Our advanced technology allows you to charge Powercubby fully just in an hour, yes, just in an hour. That puts long lines at gas station to an end. 


Unlike other batteries under the big names and brands in the market currently, Powercubby truly lasts for 10 years and more, it actually pays for itself. 


Single Powercubby weighs ranging from 5kgs to 13 kgs, making it easy to carry it, swap it and guess what, we are launching a newer version, that will weigh just 6kg.s. 

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About Powercubby

Explore more, see how much more you can save


Know more about infinite Powercubby applications

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