Refund, Exchange or Return Policy

If you wish to seek repair, resupply, replacement or a refund for a faulty product, please contact us at and we will explain the requirements to you. This may include you: (i) providing proof of purchase, (ii) providing evidence of fault to us, and (iii) returning any faulty products to us. Please note that any not able to connect, not able to charge, does not fit to your vehicle or equipment, charger not working in itself, be evidence of product fault.

(a) Return and Cancellation Policy: Your Powercubby order has been processed and cannot be cancelled or refunded. If you have a question regarding your order, please email us at

(b) Refund: Powercubby offers no refund on the purchase order. At this point we provide NO REFUND policy.

(c) Exchange Policy: If you believe you have received a defective product, please email us within 3 days at to request a replacement. If you believe the product is faulty for any reason please provide us details as given below:

  • Details of the issue
  • Requirements your are using the Powercubby for
  • Mention any damages happened at your end once the battery was handed over to you.
  • Photos, videos and other evidences to show the fault.
  • Duration and time stamp when the issue happened and frequency of the issue happened again and again.

It will be fully up to Powercubby Product Management to consider the case for exchange policy and take the necessary measures that will lead to issue resolution and customer satisfaction. During the exchange process it will be imperative on customers part to be available for discussions on phone, email of in person to resolve the issue and be patient through out the process and co operate with Powercubby Inc. management and service team.